Photo Magnets

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Set of 9
   5 cm for $15.00 $7.50
incl. GST
   7 cm for $20.00 $10.00 incl. GST


Print photo magnets from your Insta, Facebook, mobile or desktop. Place the magnets on your fridge or give them as a gift!

  • Set of 9 detachable magnets
  • Placed on fridges and magnetic boards
  • Arrange and re-size the photos during order


Product details

  • Set of 9 magnets, 1 picture per magnet
  • Choose between sizes 7 cm & 5 cm
  • Photos from Facebook, Instagram, mobile and desktop
  • We use special magnetic foil that is flexible
  • You can choose your own border colour
  • You can arrange, crop and resize according to your wishes and needs
  • StickyGram Classic Magnet
  • High quality and easy to handle
  • Fast & Free delivery

Prices are including GST and Free delivery.


Custom photo magnets

The special moments in your life deserve special attention. Immortalize them by turning them into magnets with a photo from HappyPrinting! The magnet is that small but at the same time unforgettable gift, with the help of which your memories will always be close to you. And if you're wondering, we can assure you that personalised magnets are a great gift for friends or your family.

Production and design of personalised magnets

We at HappyPrinting have tried to make the process of creating your personalised magnets as easy as possible. The first thing you need to do is choose the shape of your future magnets. You can choose between classic geometric shapes, such as square, rectangle, circle and oval. And to offer you even more variety, we have included the Polaroid option among the options. Its main advantage is that this form allows you to place a text message at the bottom of the magnet. 

Once you have chosen the shape you want, it's time to choose the number of your magnets to order . On the site you can see the options, along with the price for different pieces. When you're done with these two steps, it's time to take care of the design of the magnets. Everything happens with the click of a button "Create Design", which will take you to our editing platform. 

The editor is intuitive and extremely easy to work with. In it you can upload photos from both a computer and a phone - you can move, enlarge, reduce and really get creative. 

When you are ready, send your work to us and we will take care of the rest!

Why order from HappyPrinting

Photo magnets are a great way to give joy and smiles to yourself or a loved one. With them you can show personal attitude to your loved ones by making them feel important and valued. 

To be of maximum use to you, we, at HappyPrinting, offer you high-quality custom magnet printing on specialized MagneCote magnetic paper. And in addition to helping you capture your unforgettable moments, our goal is to minimize the carbon footprint and harmful emissions from transport. This is the reason why all our magnets are printed and made here in Australia. 

The good thing about magnets is that you have the opportunity to place them on any smooth metal surface, not just the most popular place - the refrigerator. You decide where to put your memories so you can enjoy them every day. And thanks to the high quality materials we use, your photo magnets will be preserved and preserved for years to come. 

Buy at an affordable price   

In the HappyPrinting catalog you will find a variety of shapes and sizes at attractive prices. Just select the print settings you need and the system will automatically calculate the value of your order. 



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