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Add a family photo, business name or design to your notebook. Explore our online editor and an easy design upload.

  • Print your custom notebooks online
  • Customisable, glossy front and back cover
  • Quantities from 1 to 200


Product details

  • Single or double sided, full color printing
  • Choose from multiple designs templates
  • Premium upgrades available
  • High-definition quality printing
  • Environmentally friendly, FSC certified paper

Prices are including GST and Free delivery.

Design specifications

Follow these simple instructions when designing and uploading your artwork. You can click on the instructions to see details.

  • Add 3 mm bleed
  • Keep a safety margin of 5 mm
  • Use CMYK as colour mode
  • Resolutions of at least 300dpi
  • Use a minimum font size of 6 pt.

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Note and promote yourself with personalised notebooks

As technology advances, nothing will replace handwriting. We all know that feeling when we grab a pen and start line by letter on a white sheet of paper. This makes notebooks an always relevant gift idea for a loved one as well as for ourselves. But is there a way for a notebook to be not only a writing tool, but also to become a sentimental thing that makes a person smile every time you look at it? Of course, you just have to customise it. We at HappyPrinting know how valuable a personalised notebook can be for the recipient. That's why we give you the opportunity to make your own notebooks to order.

Custom notebook template and design

We offer notebook printing that is entirely selected and developed by you. As direct participants in the process, you choose every detail, starting with the size, number of pages, material and quantity. Hard or soft cover with laminate - the choice is yours! 

We give you complete freedom of choice - from whether the pages are lined with black lines to where you will position the mascara and what colour it should be. Only in this way will you feel like real artists.

And the most interesting part is undoubtedly the covers. You can take advantage of our professionally designed and ready-to-use templates, or create your own design that will make the recipients smile. With HappyPrinting you can create a professional advertising notebook or one for personal use, which will make writing even more enjoyable. 

Why order from HappyPrinting

HappyPrinting offers high quality full colour notebook printing. The materials, products and inks we work with are specially selected to create a product that can be used by its recipient for years to come. Notebooks are a suitable gift for people of all ages and with different activities - students, students and workers, but love to write down every important note. 

An advertising notebook with the company logo, made in the editor of HappyPrinting, can significantly increase its popularity and help you attract even more customers to work with. Thanks to the printing technology we use, the results are better than traditional offset printing. This will give you the professional radiance you need. 

Also, all our products are printed and created in Australia. In this way we try to reduce harmful emissions coming from production processes and transport to a minimum.

Buy at an affordable price

From HappyPrinting you can buy notebooks at prices that are competitive and consistent with the market. The term for making your custom notebooks may vary depending on the quantity you want to receive. In our automated platform you can find out about the expected delivery date. In order to be of maximum use to you, the delivery costs are borne entirely by us. All that is required of you is to enter your address.


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