Delivery Specifications

Always check before you order if your print-file aligns with our Delivery Specifications. This way, you won't run into any surprises, and HappyPrinting will be able to meet the expected delivery date.


Add 3 mm bleed

For the cutting margin, you must provide the file with an extra image border, also called bleed, of 3 mm. Make sure that colours, images, and layout extend to the edges so that there are no white edges after cropping. You can add crop marks to the file, but we prefer a file without crop marks to ensure perfect print quality.


Keep a safety margin of 5 mm

Keep all critical text and graphics at least 5mm from the edge of the page. Exclusive finishes must fall within the safety margin.


Use CMYK as the colour mode

Use CMYK colour mode, not RGB. For example, the colour profile FOGRA39 (ISO Coated v2) can be used for coated papers and FOGRA47 (PSO Uncoated ISO12647) for uncoated papers.


Resolutions of at least 300dpi

We ask you to present your images with a minimum resolution of 300 DPI. For large image area products such as posters and banners, we are ok for you to present file sizes with a minimum of 150 DPI.


Use a minimum font size of 6 pt.

The minimum font size we recommend is 6 pt. This way, you ensure that letters remain visibly legible.


Convert or embed your fonts into letter outlines

Ensure that fonts are converted to letter outlines or embedded when exporting to a PDF file.


Use the correct values ​​for full-colour black

Use deep black (C:63% M:52% Y:51% K:100%) for large areas and text (with a minimum font size of 15 pt) to get full black colour. For formatting text smaller than 15 pt, we recommend 100% black.


Ensure a minimum line width of 0.25 pt.

The minimum line width is 0.25 pt; this concerns a dark line on a light background. Negative lines (light lines on a dark background) must be at least 0.5 pt thick. The lines are visible in the final product by keeping to the minimum line width.


The use of a border is not recommended

Keep in mind that a minimal cutting deviation will be immediately visible in your product. The design will then no longer be centered, which can look strange.


Deliver your files as PDF

We want to receive your print files as PDF (for large PDF files, ZIP or RAR. Make sure that the pages' names are straightforward if you submit them as separate PDFs. For file types, ensure that the cutting data is visible to check it.

With our Graphical Editor, you can easily create pdf files for the product you want to order, using your jpg, png and other graphics files. Do you encounter questions or problems when using our Graphics Editor? Feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to help you. does not accept print files supplied in Powerpoint, Word or other Microsoft Office applications.



HappyPrinting cannot be held responsible for undesired results from incorrect files. Think of inappropriate language and misspellings, wrong colours or colour conversion, grids, and gradients. See our General Terms.